Ticket Seller

This position entails working with money and customers on a large scale. You will need to be clean, presentable, honest and reliable to be suitable for this position. As the title implies, you will be required to sell tickets to customers for use on the rides. You must be drug and alcohol free.

You must be clean, well groomed, and friendly at all times. Basic mathematical skills (adding and subtracting) are a must, as you will be handling cash, and will be responsible for any shortcomings. You must be fluent in English, as you will converse directly with the American public. On that same note, you should have an easy-going personality, be polite and courteous with a good attitude, as well as reliable and honest. You should be mentally and physically fit and be able to lift about 20 kg or more. As with any job, you will sometimes have to attend meetings, so everybody is on par with the day’s schedule, including break times.

The duties of a Ticket Seller include, but are not limited to:

- Setting up of the Ticket Booth, together with your team, as well as laying
the electrical cables (lead lines) from the generator or power box.
- Maintenance of your booth, including washing and sometimes polishing
or waxing, and changing of blown light bulbs.
- Keeping count of your cash and tickets.
- Operating honestly and ethically.
- You will be responsible for cleaning up around your
ticket booth during and after the show.